What Information Is Included in a Standard Rental Application?


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Standard information on a rental application includes the applicant's contact details, rental history and a verification of her employment, as well as a credit check. Some rental applications also require information about the applicant's criminal history.

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A standard rental application asks for the applicant's current address, social security number, driver's license number and current employer. Income and employment information is also necessary for a standard rental application, as the landlord must ensure a prospective tenant can pay rent. Sources of income such as child support, retirement payments and settlement payments must also appear on the application.

Rental history is an important part of a standard rental application, since landlords want tenants with good payment histories. This information typically includes any evictions in the tenant's past. If renting a home for the first time without a rental history, the applicant may be required to submit a personal reference. Typically, a credit check is also part of a standard rental application and often covers credit card payments, auto loans, collection accounts or bankruptcy history.

Other potential information required on a rental application includes the tenant's criminal history and current vehicle, as well as any pets she may own. A full background check may be necessary as well.

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