What Information Is Included in a Sample Refund Letter?

A refund letter contains the details of the person to whom it is addressed and clear reasons for requesting for a refund. The letter also contains the details of the transaction that happened between the writer and the recipient of the letter.

A refund letter contains the contact details of the recipient. The writer addresses the letter to a specific person and not a general department or organization, to ensure quick action and for future follow-up. A subject line in a refund letter helps to quickly identify its purpose. The writer then clearly states the reasons for writing the letter. The writer mentions details of the transaction, such as the date and the store in which the transaction took place, and attaches supporting documents, such as receipts and delivery notes.

The writer then states his expectations for the recipient's response. He mentions the exact amount he expects to receive as a refund, and gives a realistic date he expects to receive the refund or a response.