What Information Is Included in Sales and Marketing Plans?

Information that may appear in the sales and marketing section of a business plan includes the target audience for the company, the key features of the product, the major elements of the brand's identity and the budget for the sales and marketing teams. The document also needs to provide clear, actionable methods for completing various sales and marketing tasks.

The purpose of the sales and marketing component of a business plan is to create an actionable and effective strategy for promoting the product or service in question, beginning by establishing the company's ideal audience. This should include basic demographic information, such as age range, gender, income levels, geographic location, and details about personal preferences or general needs, so that the company knows exactly who to target with the sales and marketing campaigns. This section of the business plan also needs to specifically enumerate the ways in which the product or service differs from others on the market.

This section should also contain details about the company's brand image, which influences the ways in which employees promote the product or service. After establishing these facts, the plan needs to list specific strategies and campaigns for each department, such as establishing a strong presence on a particular social media site or sending sales representatives to certain conferences or trade shows to find clients. The document also needs to account for the costs of these actions, include a preliminary budget for each department and set a time line.