What information is included on a pricing sheet?


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A pricing sheet lists the costs associated with all of a business's products or services, reports the Houston Chronicle. Business owners can give the sheet to potential customers in hopes that they make a purchase.

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A pricing sheet must consider the rates of competitors and other players in the market, states the Houston Chronicle. Values on the pricing sheet can change depending on the success of the associated business. If a pricing sheet lists rates that are significantly above the industry average, it is important that a business owner prepares to explain the differences.

In certain industries, such as retail, multiple factors influence the values on a pricing sheet. Wholesale costs and customer demand are two of the factors. Business owners must ensure that the values on the pricing sheet always coincide with the actual prices of the business. Pricing sheets also contain a brief description of the specific item or service that the business is selling, notes the Houston Chronicle.

Certain pricing sheets are available in Excel format. These sheets contain different columns for the product name, description, category and price, states the Houston Chronicle. It is not necessary to include all of these categories. In some instances, it is worthwhile to include a company name and logo at the top of a pricing sheet.

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