What Information Is Included on a Paternity Report?


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Each paternity test report includes the Conclusion, Combined Paternity Index, Probability of Paternity, and Data Table of DNA markers or genetic systems. The conclusion is the part that shows the actual results of the test.

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The Conclusion states whether the potential father is EXCLUDED or NOT EXCLUDED as the biological father. If the Conclusion reads EXCLUDED, then the person taking the test is not the biological father, as the data in the Data Table suggests. If the Conclusion reads NOT EXCLUDED, then the participant is most likely the biological father, with a probability of paternity of 99.99 percent or higher.

The Data Table lists the different DNA markers or genetic systems used to create the Combined Paternity Index and the Probability of Paternity. In the table, there are numbers indicative of these genetic markers.

The Combined Paternity Index refers to a relationship index where calculations are made based on the genetic markers of the potential father and those of the male population. These calculations are in turn used to conclude the Probability of Paternity.

A result cannot produce a 100-percent accuracy rate, as this would require testing the full DNA profile belonging to the individuals in question, which is not a viable option as of 2015.

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