What Information Is Included on a Nonrenewal of Lease Form?


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Some of the information on a nonrenewal of lease form includes personal details, second-party details, dates, a request for termination of the lease and a reason for terminating the lease. Putting all details in writing is key to resolving any misunderstanding in the future with regards to lease agreements, notes FindLaw.com.

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State laws often allow tenants to remain in a particular house for a period of between 30 and 60 days after receiving a nonrenewal of lease form from a landlord, states FindLaw.com.

The nonrenewal of lease form usually has clearly detailed dates, especially when dealing with the date of issuing the form and the particular date on which the agreement is expected to end. This is important because it allows both parties to arrange for the future without creating any friction in relationship.

The form also typically informs the second party of the reason for termination of the lease agreement. Some examples of reasons that may be provided include insecurity, job transfer, late payment of rent, lack of infrastructural maintenance or poor sanitation, notes FindLaw.com.

The form also contains both parties' contact information including physical address and telephone or email address. The form has a section allowing the writer to sign in order to verify authenticity and allow the recipient to acknowledge receipt of the form on a particular date.

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