What Information Is Included in Finance Portfolios?


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Information in financial portfolios includes a complete list of assets, such as checking and savings accounts, jewelry, collectibles and insurance policies, as well as investments, such as bonds, real estate, stocks, equities and mutual funds. A financial portfolio shows the overall picture of an investor's finances, according to Money Choice.

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What Information Is Included in Finance Portfolios?
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Investment companies, hedge funds, financial institutions and individuals hold financial portfolios. They help manage at least two, and usually more, types of investments. Portfolios help investors plan their investments to meet their financial goals. These goals usually involve making profits while protecting principal assets, explains Money Choice.

With a financial portfolio, all the information is in one place, so that investors can see how manipulating the data for one piece affects the others. A popular financial portfolio strategy is one that uses diverse investments that contain low risk/low return investments, as well as high risk/high return investments. This minimizes the risk to the portfolio's assets, states Money Choice.

A well-diversified financial portfolio contains U.S. equities, international stocks, corporate bonds, senior rate floating notes, real estate, gold and silver, managed futures, hedge funds and collectibles, claims CNBC. This type of financial portfolio uses investments that do well in a good economy, as well as some that do well in a bad economy.

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