What Information Is Included in an Employment Contract Example?


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Information included on employment contract examples include wages, non-compete clauses, confidentiality agreements, benefits and whether the employee will be handling any of the company's social media accounts. Contracts should also include job duties, whether the employee works full-time or part-time and the hours they are expected to work.

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Specifics involving employee wages include whether the employee receives a fixed sum, a specific dollar amount per hour or day, or if they will receive commission. It's possible to pay the employee with a combination of all three.

Companies that would rather not have employees work for their competitors for a limited amount of time if those employees quit might include a non-compete clause in their employee contracts. This clause might be tied to a confidentially agreement, which is intended to protect the employer's intellectual property. Such agreements should include the type of information employees need to keep to themselves, such as company secrets, inventions, products, discounts and future plans.

Employers who want to retain ownership of likes, followers, views and anything else resulting from social media accounts should make note of it on employee contracts. In addition to traditional benefits, such as health, dental and vision, employees should also note special company perks on employee contracts, such as day care, on-site dry cleaning and vacation days.

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