What Information Is Included in a Curriculum Vitae?


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A curriculum vitae, or CV, should include the applicant's name and contact details, information about the applicant's education, and an overview of the applicant's employment history, including any administrative experience, teaching experience and editorial background. References are also required, either as part of the CV itself or on an attached sheet.

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Contact details should include, name, address, phone number and email address to make it easy for the prospective employer to follow up with an interview or questions.

For most CVs, listing the applicant's education first is the best way to format the document. List the education in chronological reverse order beginning with the most recently received credential and working backward. For graduate work, including the title and an overview of the dissertation submitted. Next, the applicant includes the information about previous employment, including concise details and descriptions of job duties, number of people managed and special work completed on particular projects of significance.

Applicants should tailor their CVs to the job being sought. For example, pointing out internships related to the field the applicant wishes to work in is a good way to strengthen the CV's relevance to the job. Applicants should note any special skills, certifications, training or experience that closely matches the job description.

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