What Information Is Included on Your Chart With the DuPage Medical Group?

Information on your Dupage Medical Group MyChart page includes current medications, immunizations, updated test results, upcoming appointments and past appointment summaries. You can also renew prescriptions, send messages to your doctors, and request new appointments using MyChart, according to the Dupage Medical Group.

The MyChart page gives you direct access to information from your electronic medical records. You cannot use MyChart for urgent issues and questions. Patients should call their doctors or 911 for emergencies. Although most test results are uploaded to MyChart after they are reviewed, providers may not release certain test results of a sensitive nature to MyChart, reports the Dupage Medical Group.

You can also access health records for your children under age 12, and for your older children if both you and the child sign a proxy form each year. Once your child turns 18, you can access his medical records with his authorization. You can also request access to another adult's health record if you help manage his medical care, states the Dupage Medical Group.

Access to your health information is kept private and secure through activation codes, passwords and personal user names. No one can access your MyChart page without your password. Each session with MyChart is automatically encrypted, and these sessions are not cached or stored, explains the Dupont Medical Group.