What Information Do You Include on a Sales Call Report Template?

A sales call report template typically includes sections to track the names of each client, the participants in the call, the time or duration of the call, the reason the sales associate made the call, and details about its outcome. Some reports also include a section to track the time and date of any follow-up calls, as well as the topics to discuss during those calls.

Managers use sales call reports to track the activities of their agents in regard to initiating sales calls with new customers or ongoing attempts to create new contracts with existing customers. Each form typically focuses on a single client phone call, starting with the time and date of the call as well as the name of the client company. The form can also include fields to write the names of each person who took part in the call, both with the client's company at other members of the sales team.

The body of the form features various sections that track the actual actions of the call, with many companies adding custom sections to track specific actions and activities. These typically relate to the product or service the company is selling and can include notes about client requests for samples or demonstrations. The form concludes with a section that notes any future actions necessary with the client, including as many specific details about dates or requirements as possible.