What Information Do You Include in a Letter of Recommendation for Immigration?

A letter of recommendation for immigration, also known as a character reference letter, should include an introduction that explains how the writer knows the person in question and positive details about the relationship. It should offer examples of the subject's moral behavior and general character, such as actions within the community, workplace or personal life.

The first section of a character reference letter for immigration purposes should include a clear introduction of the person writing the letter, including her name and occupation, as well as any other details that establish her credibility. It should also explain how she knows the subject of the letter, such as through the workplace as an employer, through involvement in a church group, or due to familiarity through a social or community activity. This explanation should then segue into establishing the positive aspects of the person in question, particularly as they relate to the established relationship.

The writer must include clear examples to back up any claims, rather than simply stating traits. For example, if the writer says that the subject of the letter is caring, she may cite her involvement in local charity organizations or time spent volunteering. The letter should also demonstrate how the subject of the letter has a positive impact on her surroundings, also through clear and direct examples, and explain why she should be allowed to complete the immigration process.