What Information Do You Include in a Letter Confirming Employment?


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When writing a letter confirming employment, include the employee name, his beginning date with the company, his position, his rate of pay and the number of hours he works. If employees regularly work overtime hours, employers may include the information. Print the letter on company letterhead, provide your contact information and sign it in ink before sending it.

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Employees often require letters of verification if they are applying for a rental or for a mortgage. The recipients use the information in the letter to ensure the employee has a stable work history and the ability to meet the commitments of the new contract. Some employers also request verification of employment from the previous employer with new hires.

While most employers want to assist their employees by providing the information, they also have the responsibility of protecting the company. Avoid violating employee civil rights or being held liable for defamation by leaving out information such as the employee's home address, benefits he receives or other personal information. Some laws regarding these disclosures vary by state.

In a small company, the company owner often has the responsibility of writing letters of employment. As the company grows, the responsibility generally shifts to the payroll or human resources department. When you write the letter, always include your position in the company.

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