What Information Is Generally Required on a Property Tax Exemption Form?


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Information generally required on a property tax exemption form includes the resident's full legal name, address and Social Security number, according to the Beaufort County Auditor. Applicants also provide details about ownership of the home and proof of age and disability, if applicable.

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The information required for property tax exemption forms varies depending on the type of form used and the home owner's qualifications, according to the New York Department of Taxation and Finance. Owners can request tax exemptions on properties used by religious organizations or governments. Private owners not affiliated with these two groups request tax exemption on properties when they qualify for veterans' benefits or school tax relief programs. These properties are partially tax exempt in New York.

The Beaufort County Auditor's online property tax exemption form requires applicants to detail their personal information, including their birth dates, phone numbers and primary residential addresses. When applicants jointly own a prospective tax-exempt property, they must list the legal name and Social Security number of the other owner. The form requests information on whether the property has a commercial purpose and whether it serves as a residence for renters. The Pinellas County Property Appraiser's Office explains that some applicants bring proof of identity to finish the application process.

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