What Information Is Generally Asked on Membership Forms?


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Though the specific information may vary between forms and institutions, most membership forms generally require an applicant to provide personal information such as name, address, phone number and employment details. Many membership forms also ask about the applicant's marital status, personal interests and emergency contacts, in addition to details specific to the organization.

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At the most basic level, membership application forms require the applicant to provide her personal information so the organization can create a file for her within its records. Forms typically begin by asking for her full name, address, phone number and email address, with some forms also including spaces for additional entries such as a home phone and a cellphone. It is also common for forms to ask questions about the applicant's employment, including her job title, employer name, employer address, and a contact number for the company or manager. Some forms may also ask about marital status, ownership of pets or how she became aware of the entity.

Many membership forms include specific questions that relate to the nature of the organization to provide more details. For example, a gym membership form may ask how often the applicant exercises, the types of exercises she does, her weight and if she has any injuries. It is also possible for a membership form to require financial information, such as a credit card number, if it includes dues or premiums.

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