What Information Is Found on a Pallet Specification?


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A pallet specification sheet provides information such as pallet design, dimensions of components and materials used in construction. The pallet specification sheet ensures it is clear what the pallet contains.

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The pallet specification sheet includes the customer name, the pallet ID, components, style, type and dimensions. It also classifies the pallet by identifying the size and general design of the pallet. This includes pallet size, pallet class, deck style, entry style, use class and manufacture class.

The pallet specification sheet also indicates whether or not the pallet is specially treated, any special manufacturing features, any specification sheet notes, and the person or persons who prepare the pallet. The volume of the pallet should also be indicated. This volume is not the total volume of lumber required to produce pallet component, but rather the actual specified component dimensions.

The pallet specification sheet can also include 2-D and 3-D drawings or diagrams of the pallet. Listed below the drawings or diagrams should be the material and fastener specifications. Lastly, the pallet specification sheet should also show what type of lumber is used for the pallet's construction. Information included in the lumber section should have the species class, grade, mix and moisture content of the lumber.

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