What Is Some Information Found on a Bill of Landing Form?


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According to the Federal Department of Transportation, each bill of landing must include names of the consigner and consignee, origin and destination points, number of packages, description of freight, and measurement of freight. A bill of landing provides an overview of a shipping transaction, and it must be issued for any interstate or foreign commerce.

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In general, each bill of landing includes information on the shipper, carrier and customer. It includes characteristics for the contents of the shipment in a series of tables. It also includes proprietary information, a brief description of relevant legal issues and relevant dates for the shipment. A bill of landing is a legally binding contract and a receipt. Carriers are expected to keep these as records.

A bill of landing is different from a traditional contract in one important respect: its rules regarding liability and legal claims are outlined in 49 US Code 14706. Unless a carrier receives a written waiver of liability, it is responsible for the replacement value of carried goods. Any claims against a carrier must be filed within nine months, and civil action must be brought within two years.

Bills of landing can be written in pen or typed. It is possible to use electronic bills of landing as well.

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