What Information for Employees Is Contained on Macy's InSite?

Macy's InSite contains confidential information about work-related benefits that an employee is eligible for or currently participating in, such as medical insurance, dental plans and retirement programs. Employees with an associate identification number can access this secure, password-protected site.

After logging in, employees can view their payroll history and W2 information, as well as add or change dependents on various forms. Workers can also find company news on the website, as well as issues of a magazine created for employees. Information about upcoming shifts and previous schedules is also available online.

Employees can access Macy's InSite from a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. Cookies and JavaScript, as well as style sheets, must be enabled in order to make the graphics and text load properly. To eliminate the risk of compatibility issues, employees should upgrade to the current version of Safari or Chrome before logging onto the website.

A disclosure statement warns that the data available on Macy's InSite is for informational purposes and may not match the official records for company plans. The disclosure also reminds users to keep the information used to log in to the site confidential, as the company does not accept responsibility for security breaches or issues that may arise.