What Is Some Information About Discover Credit Cards?


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There are four main types of Discover credit cards, according to Discover's website. Each card includes various benefits and rewards programs designed to help cardholders make and save money on their purchases.

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The four different types of Discover credit cards are the cash card, the miles card, the NHL card and the student card, notes Discover. The cash credit card provides 5 percent cash back on select purchases that change each month and 1 percent cash back on all other purchases. The miles credit card is best for those who travel frequently. Users can earn flight miles on every purchase they make with their Discover cards and apply those miles to select flights.

The NHL card includes the same benefits as the cash credit card but offers 10 percent discounts on all NHL merchandise and features a team logo on the card, explains Discover. Finally, the student card rewards students with 2 percent cash back on all gas and restaurant purchases and 1 percent cash back on all other purchases.

None of the four Discover credit card types includes an annual fee, but details, such as interest rates, may vary depending on the cardholder's information, advises Discover. All Discover credit cards require a credit check and application approval. Individuals can complete and submit applications online or by completing a hard-copy version.

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