What Information Does a Credit Card Calculator Contain?


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Bankrate, Credit Karma and Vertex42 offer credit card calculators that contain information related to outstanding balance, interest rate, monthly payment and desired month until debt free. From there, a user is able to view the interest, principal and duration to pay off the credit card balance.

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The Bankrate credit card calculator requires a user to enter an outstanding credit card balance. Bankrate also offers additional calculators such as debt payoff calculators, loan consolidation calculators, credit balance transfer calculators and credit card type calculators. The site also contains further information to learn about finding the ideal credit cards and avoiding late fees charged by financial institutions.

The Credit Karma website offers a similar credit card calculator that is listed as a debt repayment calculator. Users must enter a balance owed, associated interest rate, expected monthly payment or a desired payoff timeframe. After clicking the "calculate" button, a user can see information related to the full payment and a debt repayment chart.

The Vertex42 credit card calculators are available for download in excel format through the Vertex42 website. These calculators require basic information such as current balance and interest rate. Users can then view a bar graph depicting the payment and interest amounts. Users can download these credit card calculators in Excel 2003, OpenOffice and Google Sheets format.

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