Where Do You Find More Information About Corporation Licensure in Washington?


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The State of Washington Business Licensing Service provides information on business incorporation and licensing on its website, Bls.dor.wa.gov. This site offers information on licensing and licensing renewal, starting a business, and business information updates or changes. The Business Licensing Service also offers two services: the Business Licensing Guide, an online service to help determine which supplemental forms are needed, and The Small Business Guide that provides step-by-step information on starting and operating a business in Washington State, and to grow.

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Information also is available on business structures, city and county licenses, hiring employees, tax registration, trade names, business accounts, out-of-state company expansion into Washington state, and more. In addition, the Business Licensing Service offers educational events and programs across the state every month. The calendar for these events is also found on the website. A listing of specialty licenses including links to the affiliated organizations is also available online.

In addition, the Business Licensing Service processes business license applications for many cities. Information on participating cities and links are found in the City and County Licenses section. The Business License Application, all specialty license applications, and associated fee information are located on the website. Most applications can be filed online.

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