How Do You Find Information on Cigna Great West Insurance Providers?

How Do You Find Information on Cigna Great West Insurance Providers?

As of 2015, all members of the Cigna and former Great-West insurance plans can use the online Cigna provider directory to find all health care providers who accept Cigna and Great-West insurance. Cigna acquired Great-West Healthcare in 2008, according to Cigna Corporation.

As of 2015, members of the Great-West insurance plan have full access to Cigna's nationwide network of health care providers. Cigna's health care provider network is available online at

The Cigna health care provider directory offers three search options: one for members whose insurance is provided by their employers, one for those who buy their own insurance, either privately or through a health exchange, and one for members insured under a Medicare plan. All three search options are used to find doctors, dentists, hospitals, pharmacies, and behavioral health facilities that accept Cigna and Great-West insurance.

All three search options require members to know the name of their health insurance plan before the directory can return an accurate search. The quickest and easiest way for members to find information on Cigna and Great-West insurance providers is to register for a MyCigna account. The link for creating an account is listed on the provider directory page of

Once a member is registered, the MyCigna account keeps track of all insurance plan information. Members can search for health care services by location, without needing to enter plan information for every search.