What Information Does a Check Form Include?


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The information that typically appears on a check includes the name, address and phone number of the person or organization issuing the check along with the number for the account issuing the funds and the amount made payable. It also includes the routing number for the bank in which the account exists, the name of the check recipient and the signature of the issuing party.

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Both personal and business checks feature the identifying information of the issuing party in the upper left corner of the document, which typically includes the names of all relevant parties along with an address. Many checks also place the logo and name of the issuing bank in this area as well. The center of the check includes a section where the party issuing the check may write in the name of the party receiving the payment. The person wiring the check must also include the amount of the payment in both numbers and written words, each of which has its own separate sections.

The bottom of the check features a series of numbers that designate the specific account within the issuing bank from which the funds are withdrawn, frequently appearing next to a special symbol. Another symbol designates the routing number for the bank, which correlates to specific banks within a specific state or country. Some checks also feature the check number within this section, though it may also appear at the top. The check ends with a section to write in notes regarding the payment and for the issuing party to sign.

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