What Information Is on a Cash Register Count Sheet?


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Cash register count sheets, also known as till balance sheets, typically include the total value of sales made on the machine during an employee's shift, with separate entries for each payment method. Some forms may include line items for each denomination of currency, while others may focus on only the sales record as it compares to the actual cash in the register.

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A cash register count sheet allows a cashier to ensure that the money in the register at the end of her shift matches the machine's internal record of sales. When the employee closes her till, she prints out a record of all of her sales and makes a note of the opening cash in the register. She then begins counting the money, checks and credit card receipts, entering each value onto the sheet. Many sheets include multiple spaces to count the total number of each type of coin or bill in the register, with a section to write in the total combined value of the currency.

Areas for other forms of payment, such as receipts, checks or vouchers, also appear on the form, but usually only require the total for each type. She then finds the total sum of each value and write it into the form, along with the total values from the cash register report. If there is any difference, the employee may be responsible for replacing lost funds.

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