What Information Can You Usually Find on an Annuity Statement?


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An annuity statement features the investor’s basic information, financial information and transaction details. Basic information covers the name and address of the annuity owner, the account number registered under the annuity owner’s name and different platforms that the annuity owner can contact the customer care department of the company in case of any queries, says The Nest.

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The basic information section also shows a summary on the value of the annuity on the day it started trading and ending dates, which mark the end of the reporting period. This summary provides a sneak preview of the gains and losses during the reported period, according to The Nest.

The financial information on a fixed annuity only reports the interest rate earned by the investment and the possible interest rate in the subsequent investment year. However, in the case of variable annuities, the financial information covers the different investments platforms made on the annuity and the returns on each investment within the reported period, states The Nest.

For variable annuities, the transaction details section features purchases and sales of the annuity, received dividends in each quarter and any capital gain. This section also shows the investor’s current balance accumulative of the initial investment. If the investor considers withdrawing these funds, the initial investment is exempted from taxation, notes The Nest.

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