What Information Can You Learn From the Ontario MLS Listing?


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Ontario's Multiple Listing Service is used by most people trying to sell a home. The MLS provides information listed by brokers about the features of the property, the size of the home or lot, and the financial aspects of any potential deal.

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Ontario's MLS is similar to other MLS systems in North America. The MLS serves as a giant database of all the properties for sale across the province, and any Realtor or licensed real-estate firm can access the listings. These listings contain all sorts of information about the properties available online. Some of the details included are specific to the home or property in question and outline the number of bedrooms, the number of bathrooms, the total number of rooms in the home, the type of building and the number of levels in the building. Additionally, listings can provide a room-by-room breakdown of the home with measurements for each room. An MLS listing should also include information about the type of heating or cooling system installed in the home. The asking price is also included in the listing.

The MLS is a privately owned system that is maintained and paid for by real estate companies. A Realtor can provide more information about specific features of any single property.

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