What Information Can You Find on a Full Retirement Age Chart?


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The U.S. Social Security Administration's full retirement age chart displays full retirement ages by birth year. The chart also shows the percentage reduction for receiving benefits early and the corresponding information for spouses.

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What Information Can You Find on a Full Retirement Age Chart?
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An individual's full retirement age depends on his year of birth, as listed in the chart. For example, if he was born in the years from 1943 through 1954, his full retirement age is 66, notes the SSA. He can start receiving retirement benefits at age 62, but the SSA reduces his benefit amount according to the number of months between age 62 and the full retirement age.

As an example, if an individual was born in 1940 and starts receiving benefits at age 62, the chart shows benefits reduced by 22.5 percent. For someone born in 1958, the reduction is 28.33 percent, because the full retirement age is several months later. If an individual starts receiving benefits after age 62 but before full retirement age, the SSA reduces benefits by a smaller percentage, depending on the number of months to the full retirement age.

The SSA reduces a spouse's benefit in a similar manner but by different percentages. For spouses born in 1940 and 1958, the reductions at age 62 are 27.5 percent and 33.33 percent respectively.

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