What Information Can Be Found in Oklahoma's Nurse Aide Registry?

What Information Can Be Found in Oklahoma's Nurse Aide Registry?

Information that can be found in the Oklahoma Nurse Aide Registry include reviews and approvals of nurse aide training curriculum, review and approval of training programs, reviews and approvals of testing and a list of all registered nurse aides and non-technical workers in the state. The registry also contains the abuse registry, a list of certified nurse aides, public information and access to all applications for the program.

Nurse aides are listed in the registry who work for private employers, along with the employer's names, those who work in long-term care, assisted living, adult day care and intermediate care facilities and home health care practitioners. The registry also contains the names of unlicensed health care workers and their employers.

The abuse registry portion of the nurse aide registry contains the names of those who have received administrative citations for abuse of patients. Abuse includes verbal and physical abuse, along with exploitation of a patient.

There are six different kinds of certifications available to nurse aides in Oklahoma, including long-term care, home care and residential care aides. The other three are developmentally disabled direct care, adult day care and certified medication aides.

The registry was developed in September 1991 through federal mandate and regulations.