How Do You Find Information on Average Cattle Prices?


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While average cattle prices can vary based on geographical location and current demand, trade publications such as "Beef Magazine" and state agricultural departments are excellent resources for determining current prices. Cattle.com's market section maintains records of recent sales sorted by state, allowing users to see detailed information on recent cattle prices for their areas.

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"Beef Magazine" maintains reports on current cattle prices as of 2015, along with information on market forces affecting those prices. Users can see a snapshot of price fluctuations for recent and upcoming sales on the site's ticker, and the site's weekly market synopsis keeps track of cattle futures. This determines future cattle prices based on the current market, along with predictions about demand and the availability of cattle. Additionally, these weekly synopses provide relevant information and news related to the cattle trade, such as government reports that could affect beef demand.

A large percentage of cattle is sold at livestock auctions, which are overseen and recorded by state agriculture officials. While previous prices aren't necessarily predictive of current cattle prices, these records can be excellent resources when it comes to determining the range of prices breeders and farmers might expect when buying or selling cattle, either individually or by the lot.

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