What Information Is Available Through the Employment Directory?


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The information available through the Employment Directory includes the name of the employee, the agency they work for, the city they are located in, their phone number and email. All of the state employee directories offer similar information.

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Input the employee name either first or last name, or both, and you get a list of all the people with that name. In California, the employee information directory is held by the department of technology website, CA.GOV.

The Nevada Employment Directory has a simple user-friendly tool that contains no other information except the search criteria that asks for the last name and the first name. If you would like to be more specific, you can enter the title code, home organization branch, department and division.

The California Government website is somewhat cluttered, unlike the Nevada and it is not easy for one to find the employee directory among other information.

The College at BROKPORT State University of New York has an employee directory that provides information on its staff that includes honorific, name, title, department, office location and contacts information. However to access their internal list you have to sign in, they also point out that they do not provide students directory.

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