What Information Was on the 2014 Dow Jones Chart?


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The Dow Jones Industrial Average's 2014 performance chart shows a 7.55 percent annual return based on an opening value of 16,572.17 and closing price of 17,823.07, according to DQYDJ.net. This reflects only the appreciation in the index's stock values, and compares against a 10.02 percent total return when investors include dividend reinvestments.

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Line charts, the most basic visual representation of investment performance, show a stock or group of stocks' closing values over a range of time, explains Investopedia. Although these types of charts do not reflect the range in each day's trading price, investors see closing prices as the most relevant information for each day.

The Dow's 2014 line chart reflects what was an all-time high at the time of 18,103.45 at the close of Dec. 26, 2014, according Forbes. The Dow's largest gains were driven by Intel and UnitedHealth Group, which grew 39.8 and 34.2 percent, respectively. IBM and Chevron lagged the furthest behind with drops of 14.5 and 10.2 percent. The 2014 return on the Dow underperformed relative to the Standard and Poor's 500, which grew 11.4 percent, not including dividends, notes MarketWatch. The Dow's 2014 chart also indicates a yearly low of 15,372.80 on Feb. 3, 2014, notes TheDowTheory.com.

Because investors cannot directly buy into the Dow but rather can only own its component stocks, they are unlikely to see gains and losses perfectly matching those in graphs, cautions DQYDJ.net. Fees, tax issues, and timing discrepancies in investor purchases and reinvestments skew the actual rate of return.

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