What Influences NYSE Stock Prices?


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Earnings reports, economic data and general news reports are the main factors that influence New York Stock Exchange stock prices, according to Zacks Investment Research. The NYSE also reacts to individual actions of investors, money managers and financial institutions.

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What Influences NYSE Stock Prices?
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The New York Stock Exchange is a stock exchange that was established New York City in 1792, as stated by Investopedia. Formerly recognized as a private organization, the NYSE operates as a public entity after the acquisition of the stock exchange Archipelago in 2005. The NYSE contains the majority of the world's most powerful and decorated companies.

Earnings reports depict the peak earnings of a company for each four to six week quarterly period in January, April, July, and October, as noted by Zacks Investment Research. Each quarterly report influences a company's stock price on the New York Stock Exchange. Companies that report low profits are likely to suffer a decrease in stock, while strong earnings usually results in an increase in stock price.

Economic data includes the unemployment rate, GDP data, and inflation rate of the nation, and is stated to affect NYSE prices by Zacks Investment Research. Economic data predicts how corporate profits are affected by the current status of the economy, leading to fluctuations in stock prices. General news reports are also a cause of stock price fluctuation due to global market reliance and trade. Rapid stock fluctuations, criminal or natural disasters, and economic failure in one country can affect stock prices on a global scale.

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