How Do You Find an Inexpensive Mobile Home Mover?


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Mobile home owners seeking a cost-effective mobile home mover can find several movers for online price comparisons at mobilehomeparkstore.com. This website has a directory of companies, located in the United States and Canada, that have experience in moving mobile homes.

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When considering the costs involved in moving a mobile home, distance is a main factor in calculating the total cost of the move, according to Moving.com. The farther a mobile home mover has to travel to deliver the home to its new location, the more expensive the move. A local move ranges from 50 to 75 miles, and some movers are only licensed to move homes within a single state. Homeowners must consider the additional costs involved if movers in two states must be hired, compared with hiring one company that is licensed in two or more states.

Another factor that determines cost is the size of the mobile home. A single-wide home is usually cheaper to transport than a double-wide home, which can increase costs by two or three thousand dollars, Moving.com notes. Included in the cost of a mobile home move are expenses such as permits and hooking up utilities. Homeowners can accept bids from several movers, and bids should include adjustments for expenses such as flat tires, advises Mobilehomeparkstore.com.

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