What Is Indirect Marketing?

In indirect marketing, the customer does not receive any direct communication from the company. Indirect marketing is used when a customer is aware of a product and only needs to be reminded about the product in order to check out the company and possibly purchase the product.

Indirect communication is crucial for brands who have a powerful brand recognition and awareness in the media and in their customer's lives. Indirect marketing is typically much less expensive than direct marketing as it can be done throughout social media and via advertisements. It is not making a personal and direct connection with potential customers, but rather building a social connection with customers. Indirect marketing is typically the marketing strategy that will boost the "likes" or comments on a company's social media page; however, it does not always translate into sales or into the hiring of a company's services.

Direct marketing is the personal marketing approach where companies find their target audience and then target that audience. Direct marketing can be costly though and does take significant time in order to develop a sales pitch as it involves meeting customers in the flesh in order to make an impression. An example of direct marketing would be a sandwich shop taking flyers and visiting nearby schools, businesses and other local community haunts in order to target the audience of people who live close enough to visit the shop regularly.