How Do You Increase Your Starbuck's Rewards Points the Fastest?


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Some ways to quickly increase your rewards points, known as stars, within the My Starbucks Rewards program include purchasing specially marked products, participating in specials and splitting your purchases into multiple transactions. Starbucks also frequently runs Star Dash promotions, which awards bonus stars for meeting various requirements.

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Joining the My Starbucks Rewards program allows you to earn stars on qualifying transactions at Starbucks locations, which award you discounts and coupons for free drinks. To join the program, you must download the Starbucks smartphone app or create an account on Starbucks.com and register a gift card. You then earn one star for each purchase you make with that card. One method to earn stars faster is to split your purchases into multiple transactions. For example, instead of ordering two drinks at once, order each on its own, during the same visit, to earn a star for each item.

Starbucks also frequently runs special purchasing promotions known as Star Dashes that award bonus stars for buying a certain number of drinks or food items within a given period of time. Some Dashes also award bonus stars for ordering specific drinks on a certain day. It is also possible to earn bonus stars by redeeming codes on participating bags of coffee through the app or your online account. These products may appear in Starbucks stores and other retail establishments.

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