How Do You Increase Your Credit Card Spending Limit?


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Credit card spending limits often automatically increase after the credit card issuer reviews the account history and determines if the account holder should get a raise, informs U.S. World News & World Report. In the event the credit card issuer does not automatically increase the spending limit, a credit card holder may ask for a spending limit raise online or by phone.

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How Do You Increase Your Credit Card Spending Limit?
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For example, Capital One credit card holders may ask for an increase in spending limit by logging into their online account and clicking Request Credit Line Increase, according to Capital One. Customers may also call the company to ask for an increase. Asking for a credit increase requires providing financial information such as annual income and monthly housing costs, reports U.S. News & World Report.

A card limit transfer is another method of increasing a credit card's spending limit, according to U.S. News & World Report. This method requires owning two cards from the same credit card issuer and involves transferring part of the credit limit from one card to another. However, this may cause an decrease in an individual's credit score.

Before asking for an increase, it helps to build a strong financial case to persuade the credit card issuer to raise the spending limit, explains The Cheat Sheet. Consistently making payments on time, an increase in household income, a logical reason for needing a raise, such as travel, and paying more bills with the credit card are types of evidence an individual can provide to his credit card company to build a case.

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