How Do You Get Incorporated in the State of Georgia?


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To become incorporated in the state of Georgia, you must choose a corporate name, prepare and file your certificate of incorporation, and appoint a registered agent, explains Nolo. You must also set up your corporate record books and prepare the corporate bylaws.

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When forming a corporation in Georgia, you must also appoint your board of directors, hold a board of directors meeting, issue stock, and comply with Georgia annual registration requirements. You must also comply with other tax and regulatory requirements as needed, explains Nolo.

When choosing your corporate name, it must not be more than 80 characters long, including punctuation and spaces. It must also end in the terms "Incorporated," "Corporation," "Company," or "Limited." When preparing the articles of incorporation for filing with the Georgia Secretary of State Division of Corporations, include the corporation's name and address, the purpose of the corporation, the name and address of the agent for service of process, and the number of shares the corporation has authorization to issue, says Nolo.

Set up the corporate bylaws to outline the corporation's operational guidelines. Appoint the board of directors to authorize those who can sign the articles of incorporation and any other important paperwork, reports Nolo.

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