How Do You Incorporate Safety Slogans for the Workplace?


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Safety slogans in the workplace are incorporated by sticking to guidelines such as keeping the message short, positive and clear of industry jargon, according to Digicast. Slogans that engage readers and include an element of surprise are effective; and it's okay to play around with wording.

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A good safety slogan is composed of no more than eight words, which convey a clear message, notes Digicast. Long messages containing too many words complicate the core theme of the message, turning it into a bore to read. Safety slogans should always relay messages in a positive way, and avoid using negative language. While negative connotations are okay, telling people not to do something outright puts increased focus on behavior that is not desired. Industry jargon needs to be avoided when composing safety slogans, because jargon is confusing to people not familiar with specific words and acronyms.

Using the element of surprise to create an intriguing message is one way to prevent safety slogans from being overlooked or tuned out by workers, states Digicast. Words that create surprise are likely to cause workers to stop and think about the message, and slogans create a sense of temporary puzzlement, which stimulates the mind. When incorporating safety slogans, consider engaging in a bit of wordplay by using humor or rhymes.

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