What Incontinence Supplies Are Generally Covered by Medicaid?


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Medicaid generally covers the cost of incontinence supplies, such as adult diapers and other disposable, absorbent products, according to the American Elder Care Research Organization. However, since Medicaid coverage varies from state to state, some states may not offer complete coverage of all incontinence supplies, explains ActivStyle.

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Since Medicaid programs vary from state to state, there is no clear-cut answer about exactly which incontinence supplies Medicaid covers. Aperson in a Medicaid program can contact the company he orders medical supplies from to determine which incontinence products are covered, explains HealthCentral. Alternatively, individuals can contact their local Medicaid offices to determine which products are covered. Local Medicaid offices also provide information on preferred vendors for incontinence supplies, which individuals may be required to purchase from in order to ensure coverage. A short phone call to the supplier or Medicaid office can save individuals a significant amount of money on incontinence supplies over the long term.

For individuals in nursing homes, Medicaid generally covers adult diapers and disposable incontinence products. Alternatively, most states offer a Medicaid waiver program, which allows individuals to live at home or in the community and still receive coverage. In most waiver programs, Medicaid covers a majority of incontinence supplies. However, in some states, the brands or quantities may be limited for a defined period of time, according to the American Elder Care Research Organization.

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