What Is Included in the Typical Concierge Job Description?

A typical job description for a concierge position includes a list of job duties required for the position and skills required to obtain the job. Duties range from recommending local entertainment spots to making dinner reservations for guests. This is a service job that requires skills such as good listening, effective communication, critical thinking and time management.

A concierge job description should include tasks the employer is most likely to need. It is the job of the concierge to keep up to date with local events, and know where the best shopping, dining and recreational places are in the area. Typically, the concierge is called upon to arrange sightseeing tours and must ensure guests have transportation to and from local activities. Some employers require the concierge to handle guest luggage, including making sure lost items are replaced within a reasonable amount of time.

If the concierge is expected to handle unique requests such as locating a hard to find item, the job description should include that as well. If the employer services foreign guests, one of the job duties listed might be securing a language translator, or interpreter when needed. A job description can require that candidates be service oriented, and demonstrate they can identify and quickly solve sticky problems as they arise.