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Performance review forms typically include sections that track the efficacy of the employee in her position, the degree to which she meets supervisor expectations, and what she needs to do to improve in her role. Customer review forms, also known as customer satisfaction surveys, focus on the customer's experience with a product or service, how likely the customer is to return, and what the company needs to do to improve.

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Many companies use performance reviews to help identify the strengths and weaknesses of employees, often starting with general compliance with company policies, such as dress codes or attendance requirements. The review forms then proceed to focus on specific details of the employee's job, often referencing the current job description for the role. This can range from a quantitative check for the completion of tasks to a qualitative analysis of employee performance. The forms typically end with suggestions from the reviewer on how to improve, citing the other sections of the review.

Customer review forms allow customers to provide feedback on a company, often with a focus on specific products or locations. Such forms frequently ask the customer to rate his level of satisfaction with different aspects of the experience, ranging from the cleanliness of the facilities to the overall quality of the product. They usually also have a free response section in which the customer can make suggestions to the company.

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