What Is Included in a Free Rental Property Inspection Checklist?


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Free rental property inspection checklists include sections for each major component of a home, such as bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms, with listings to determine the state of their features, including paint, carpeting and flooring. The forms may also include areas to track any damage to light fixtures, appliances or outdoor areas such as patios or balconies.

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Rental property inspection checklists allow landlords to create official documentation of the state of a unit immediately before a tenant moves into the unit, so that the landlord may then compare the list to its state when the tenant moves out. Free forms typically feature areas for the most common spaces of a rental property, which can include a kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and a living room or dining room. Some forms include areas for additional bedrooms, entertainment rooms or unique aspects of the property.

The kitchen section may include entries for any damage to appliances, the floor, the sink and ventilation system. Similarly, the bathroom area checks the sinks and may include spaces to mark cracks or leaks in the bathtub, shower and toilet. Bedroom sections commonly include spaces to mark damage to the floor, the walls and the windows. The form can also include spaces to write additional notes for each room.

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