What Is Included in a Proof of Residency Letter?

Points included in a proof of residency letter are the address of the person in question, how long he has lived at that address and rent payment history. Nothing about the contract details or the amount of rent paid should be included, unless requested.

A residency letter should be straightforward, although there is no set format. Landlords often send residency letters to other landlords or large agencies that keep the letter as an official file. This means it should be as professionally written as possible.

Use a letterhead when possible. If a letterhead is not available, the landlord's name needs to be at the top, along with contact information, such as, address, phone number and email address. The letter should be addressed to a particular individual when possible, and only pertinent information should be included. Tell when the tenant moved in, rent amounts, if the tenant pays his rent on time and anything else that might be of interest to requesters.

Landlords should then sign the letter, and include a phone number or email address where he can be reached, should anyone have further questions. The key to a good proof of residency letter is keeping it short, impersonal and professional.