What Is Included on a Probationary Period Performance Evaluation?


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Probationary period performance evaluations usually include a list of areas in which the employee needs to show improvement, suggestions on ways the employee can improve and the date by which improvements are expected. They are typically signed by the employee and the supervisor. The evaluation may also list additional training or educational resources available to the employee, as well as disciplinary concerns.

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A probationary period performance evaluation may include assessments of professional abilities, such as communication, leadership, teamwork and analytical skills. Job-specific skills, such as implementing information technology and adhering to safety procedures, may also be assessed. The evaluation may assess judgment, decision-making, project management skills and efficient use of time and materials. The evaluation may also critique personal practices, including attendance, punctuality, neatness and attitude.

The probationary evaluation is a tool for follow-up and may feature a checklist of desired improvements, in addition to a target date for future improvements. The evaluation may include recommendations to attend additional training or to continue education. If the employee's attendance is unsatisfactory, the evaluation may include a disciplinary warning concerning future absences or tardiness. Space is allotted for the employee's rebuttal, as well as for additional comments from the reviewing supervisor. The employee's dated signature is usually required on the evaluation, acknowledging that he has received and understood the information.

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