What Is Included in a Paraprofessional Job Description?


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Though the specific details may vary between employers and positions, a job description for a paraprofessional role may include performance expectations such as grading papers and supervising students, specific responsibilities regarding classroom management and requirements for education and work experience. Some descriptions may also include specific details regarding work with disabled or special needs students.

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A paraprofessional performs a wide range of duties to support the primary educator in classroom setting, with each teacher and school setting unique requirements and responsibilities for the role. Each job description for this position typically includes a list of the most common tasks an applicant must complete, such as proctoring quizzes, holding study exercises with small groups or students or updating the classroom supplies and learning aids. Some job descriptions may also include specific tasks outside of the direct supervision of another teacher if the role involves a specialization, such as overseeing a computer lab or other school resource.

Many paraprofessionals also work exclusively with special needs students, meaning job descriptions for these roles include a breakdown of additional responsibilities such as dressing students, teaching about daily habits and accompanying them on field trips. All paraprofessional job descriptions also include minimum education requirements, which range from a high school diploma to a degree in a particular field of education. They may also specify a desired amount of work experience and the need to submit resumes or hold special teaching credentials.

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