What Is Included in a Nursing Peer Review Sample?

A nursing peer review sample should include multiple sections that cover the practical knowledge and abilities of the nurse under review, including both qualitative and quantitative areas to provide a full spectrum of critiques. It should also track the nurse’s compliance with facility policies, interactions with other coworkers and the degree to which he complies with other job requirements.

The peer review system allows nurses to rate each other on various factors to help ensure high quality job performance from the perspective of someone who understands the needs and challenges of the field. A sample nursing peer review begins with basic classification questions to identify both the nurse conducting the review and the nurse receiving the review, which can include titles, employee identification numbers and names. The opening section of the form may focus on rating the reviewee in general areas common to all employees at the location, such as following dress policies or codes of conduct.

The body of the review relates to specific actions and responsibilities of the nurse, which can include treating patients, aiding physicians, or performing clerical and administrative work. The document may ask the reviewer to rate the performance of the nurse on a numerical scale to allow for a statistical analysis of job performance as well as make notes on positive or negative aspects. It may also ask the reviewer to rate the personality and demeanor of the nurse as well.