What Is Included in a Memorandum Proposal?


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A memorandum proposal typically includes a short explanation of the purpose of the document, a description of the initial problem or situation and a description of the solution or action the writer is proposing. It should also include the benefits to the recipient for approving the proposal and the process through which the action is to take place.

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A memorandum proposal is a brief, sometimes informal, communication that allows the writer to suggest a specific course of action to the recipient, such as approving funding for a project or offering a contract to a bidding client. The specific formatting and contents of the memorandum may vary depending on the nature of the proposal and the structure of the parties involved, though most begin with an introduction that covers the reason for the communication. This is also important in the event of an unsolicited proposal, where the recipient did not expressly request the sender to submit the document.

The proposal typically consists of an explanation of the current situation that includes the need for the writer's action or participation, why the contents of the proposal can have a positive effect on the recipient and how the writer plans to achieve the promises. In each section, the document should include enough detail to allow the recipient to understand the reasoning and circumstances, often in one to two paragraphs. The writer also needs to include appropriate detail in the implementation section to justify the approval of the proposal.

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