What Is Included on a MasterCard Statement?


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A MasterCard statement includes a summary of account activities, such as purchases, payments and credits, a list of transactions, and fees and interest charges, states My Credit Union. It also includes payment information, such as the minimum payment and due date.

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The statement contains a warning that late payment may result in additional fees and a higher interest rate. Another warning shows how long it takes to pay off the balance and how much in total you pay, including interest, if you make only the minimum payment every month, assuming that you do not charge additional amounts to the account. It also shows how much you should pay every month in order to pay off the balance in three years, reports My Credit Union.

There are notices in the statement about any changes to the account, such as changes to the interest rate or modifications to the account terms. Then, a detailed list of transactions is provided, including transaction dates, posting dates and amounts, grouped by date of transaction or category. The statement lists interest charges by type of transaction, and it lists the fees separately. It then lists the total fees and interest charged from the beginning of the year, notes My Credit Union.

The final section of the statement shows how the interest charges are separately calculated on purchases and cash advances. This section includes the annual interest percentage rate and the amounts subject to that rate, states My Credit Union.

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