What Is Included in a List of Organizational Skills?

included-list-organizational-skills Credit: agencybook/Cultura/Getty Images

Organizational skills include the abilities to analyze, pay attention to details, handle a budget, be a good listener and collaborate. Leadership skills in an organizational setting include the abilities to delegate tasks, set goals, meet deadlines and motivate others. Effective communication is another organizational skill highly valued in many positions.

Critical thinking comes into play when using analytical skills to solve problems. Analyzing involves looking at issues from all angles to find answers. Paying attention to detail helps individuals avoid costly mistakes due to not having all the required information. Some positions require managing a budget for a department or entire company, and successful budgeting involves keeping costs under control. Developing good listening skills is also important among organizational skills, especially in customer service careers. Collaborating with co-workers is often a part of teamwork, and it involves assisting co-workers on projects and work-related tasks while being cooperative.

Managers are often expected to have organizational skills, such as the ability to delegate work assignments to staff members. A manager is also in charge of setting specific goals for a department or project. Part of achieving goals involves meeting deadlines, which involves completing objectives by a certain date. Managers are also tasked with motivating staff in a positive way, and both managers and employees use communication skills to achieve shared goals.