What Is Included in a Karmer Credit Report?


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Information in a Credit Karma credit report includes the average age of any open credit lines, credit score, percentage of on-time payments and derogatory marks that could negatively affect a person's credit, notes CreditKarma.com. As of 2015, Credit Karma provides free credit reports and credit scores on a weekly basis. It also alerts users to any changes to their credit report.

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Credit Karma provides weekly credit report updates through its mobile application and website based on a partnership with TransUnion and VantageScore. These systems alert users to any changes that occur, such as newly opened accounts, credit balance decreases or increases, hard credit inquiries and credit limit changes. Credit Karma explains how and why each of these can affect a person's credit score, notes TechCrunch.com.

The accuracy of a person's credit score becomes more reliable in time. The average age of open credit lines helps to establish this accuracy. Credit Karma also reports derogatory marks to a person's credit history, such as bankruptcies, liens and any accounts sent to collections. These items can stay on a report for up to 10 years. Any late payments on a loan can seriously affect the credit score, notes CreditKarma.com. The company's credit report provides a percentage for on-time payments so users can monitor their ability to make on-time payments.

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